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6.2i ChipScope Pro - FAQ


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This Answer Record includes general questions and answers about ChipScope Pro 6.2i.


General Questions on Purchasing and Installing ChipScope Pro Tools

Q: What is on-chip verification and debug?

A: On-chip verification and debug is the ability to verify or debug a design using specially designed logic cores placed directly into the FPGA design. Xilinx ChipScope Pro provides four logic cores: ChipScope Pro ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer), ChipScope Pro IBA (Integrated Bus Analyzer), ChipScope Pro ATC (Agilent Trace Core) and ChipScope Pro ATC2 (Agilent Trace Core II for FPGA Dynamic Probing).

Q: What is ChipScope Pro?

A: ChipScope Pro is the on-chip real-time verification and debug tool for Xilinx FPGAs.

Q: What Xilinx FPGA devices do ChipScope Pro tools support?

A: ChipScope Pro tools support Virtex, Virtex-E, Virtex-II, Virtex-II Pro, Virtex-II Pro X, Spartan-II, Spartan-IIE, and Spartan-3.

Q: How do I order ChipScope Pro tools?

A: ChipScope Pro can be ordered through the Xilinx Distributor. Alternatively, customers can purchase ChipScope Pro on-line.

Q: Are ChipScope Pro tools sold under a time-based license agreement?

A: Yes, ChipScope Pro is sold under the standard Xilinx one-year, time-based license agreement.

Q: What do I get when I purchase ChipScope Pro tools?

A: Customers will receive a letter with a ChipScope Pro product ID and instructions on how to access ChipScope Pro tools, including: The ChipScope Pro Core Generator and Core Inserter, ChipScope Pro Analyzer, and ChipScope Pro soft cores ILA, IBA, VIO, and ATC, as well as the Agilent ATC2 core.

Q: How can a customer get the latest version of ChipScope Pro tools?

A: Customers can get the latest version of ChipScope Pro cores on-line at:

Q: Is there an evaluation version of ChipScope Pro tools?

A: Yes, there is a full-featured 60-day evaluation version of ChipScope Pro tools available for download at:

Q: How do I obtain ChipScope Pro registration IDs?

A: When a customer purchases ChipScope Pro tools, they receive a product ID. The customer will need to register this product ID to obtain a valid registration ID.

Questions on Using ChipScope Pro Tools

Q: What is the ChipScope Pro Core Generator?

A: Similar to the ISE CoreGen tool, the ChipScope Pro Core Generator allows customers to define parameters for ChipScope Pro cores, and generates synthesizable HDL that can be combined within a user's design.

Q: What is the ChipScope Pro Core Inserter?

A: The ChipScope Pro Core Inserter allows users to add ChipScope Pro cores after the design has been synthesized by merging design netlists.

Q: What is the ChipScope Pro Analyzer?

A: The ChipScope Pro Analyzer is the main interface that allows users to configure Xilinx FPGAs, find ChipScope Pro cores within a design, and set up and define trigger conditions. The ChipScope Pro Analyzer is similar to a logic analyzer in that it allows the user to view and interact with data captured for the purposes of debug and verification.

Q: What operating systems will ChipScope Pro support?

A: ChipScope Pro Core Generator will run on Windows systems and Solaris. The ChipScope Pro analyzer software will run on Windows operating systems. ChipScope Pro cores support the same Windows versions supported by ISE.

Q: What is ChipScope Pro ILA?

A: ChipScope Pro ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) allows uses to view signals and nodes within the Virtex-II Pro FPGA design. Multiple trigger inputs, trigger sequencing, and optional time stamping allow users to better utilize the available block RAM within the device under test. The ILA cores communicate via JTAG with the ChipScope Pro Analyzer.

Q: What is ChipScope Pro IBA?

A: ChipScope Pro IBA (Integrated Bus Analyzer) is the industry's first integrated bus analysis core. ChipScope Pro IBA is a CoreConnect specific bus analyzer that allows users to capture and display transaction and signal activity between the PPC405 processor and IP components in the FPGA fabric.

Q: Do the ChipScope Pro IBA cores support the IBM CoreConnect Interface?

A: Yes, the ChipScope Pro CoreConnect IBA has been predefined specifically for the IBM CoreConnect Interface. Two variations of the IBA core support the On-chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) and the Processor Local Bus (PLB). This core will allow users to view transactions and protocol violations specific to the CoreConnect interface.

Q: What is ChipScope Pro VIO?

A: ChipScope Pro VIO (Virtual Input Output) core allows users to define virtual inputs and outputs that are controlled via the ChipScope Pro Analyzer interface.

Questions on Xilinx and Agilent On-chip Debug Solutions

Q: What is the Agilent Xilinx relationship?

A: Teams within Agilent and Xilinx have worked closely together over the past several years to provide solutions for on-chip debug of Xilinx FPGAs. These solutions have become part of the Xilinx ChipScope Pro solution.

Q: What is the status of the Xilinx/Agilent Trace Port Analyzer solution?

A: The Agilent FPGA Trace Port Analyzer solution, introduced just over a year ago, will no longer be sold by Xilinx or Agilent. The capabilities available in the Agilent FPGA Trace Port Analyzer solution have been improved and are now available in a new technology known as FPGA Dynamic Probing from Agilent.

Q: Will the Agilent Trace Port Analyzer continue to be supported?

A: Yes, ChipScope Pro tools and Agilent will continue to support the Agilent Trace Port Analyzer solution, although customers will no longer be able to purchase this solution.

Q: What is Agilent FPGA Dynamic Probing?

A: Agilent FPGA Dynamic Probing enables users to configure Xilinx FPGAs, find and set up ChipScope Pro ATC2 cores, and capture and display data directly on the new series of Agilent Logic Analyzer mainframes.

Q: What Agilent Logic Analyzers does this work with?

A: This new technology works with Agilent's new 16900, 1690, and 1680 logic analyzer mainframes.

Q: Does the Agilent FPGA Dynamic Probing solution require Xilinx ChipScope Pro tools?

A: Yes. The solution requires the use of the ATC2 core. This core is delivered and inserted using ChipScope Pro Core Generator or ChipScope Pro core Inserter.

Q: Where can I find more information on the Agilent FPGA Dynamic Probing Solution?

A: On March 1st, a product brochure and technical data sheet will be available on the ChipScope Pro web site:

Q: Can I still use ChipScope Pro to configure the FPGA?

A: Yes, ChipScope Pro tools can be used to configure Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro devices.

Q: What JTAG cable will ChipScope Pro use?

A: ChipScope Pro will work with the Xilinx Parallel III cable, Parallel IV cable, and Xilinx MultiLINX cables.

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