AR# 19441


6.2i iMPACT - Assigning non-Xilinx third-party BSDL results in the iMPACT error: "EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlYacc.c:615:1.39 - Bsdl reader error"


General Description:

I have a non-Xilinx device BSDL file that contains an attribute of type BSDL_extension, as follows:

attribute MY_ATTRIBUTE : BSDL_Extension ;

When I assign the BSDL file to the non-Xilinx device on the JTAG chain, iMPACT reports the following errors:

"INFO:iMPACT:1777 -

Reading <device_name>.bsd...

ERROR:iMPACT - syntax error at line XX

EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlYacc.c:615:1.39 - Bsdl reader error.

ERROR:iMPACT:1854 - Failed to read bsdl file!"


iMPACT does not currently support BSDL extensions. This issue will be fixed in a major release of the software.

To work around this issue, you can simply initialize the chain and specify the IR length for iMPACT to generate a generic BSDL file or follow (Xilinx Answer 2707) to manually generate the generic BSDL file.

AR# 19441
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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