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AR# 19452

6.2i Floorplanner - Floorplanner creates bad RANGE values (X5Y2147483647) when I try to create an AREA_GROUP for logic around PPC


Keywords: PACE

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
My design contains a PPC405. When I try to create an AREA_GROUP of the logic surrounding the PPC, Floorplanner creates bad RANGE values as follows:

AREA_GROUP "AG_PPC405" RANGE = SLICE_X60Y74:SLICE_X80Y39, TBUF_X60Y74:TBUF_X80Y39, RAMB16_X5Y2147483647:RAMB16_X5Y-1, RAMB16_X6Y2147483647:RAMB16_X6Y-1, MULT18X18_X5Y2147483647:MULT18X18_X5Y-1, MULT18X18_X6Y2147483647:MULT18X18_X6Y-1 ;

Why are the Y values invalid?


This is a bug in the Floorplanner tool. Xilinx recommends using PACE for AREA_GROUP creation and manipulation. In PACE, you are not allowed to create an AREA_GROUP that includes the PPC. Instead, you must create a non-rectangular AREA_GROUP that goes around the PPC. Floorplanner will behave similarly in the next major release.
AR# 19452
Date 02/21/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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