C:\WINNT\TEMP\sysgenInstall2\xlUpdateClassPath.m (insertLineAfterDot)"">


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AR# 19471

System Generator for DSP - The following error occurs during installation: "Invalid fid. Error in ==> C:\WINNT\TEMP\sysgenInstall2\xlUpdateClassPath.m (insertLineAfterDot)"


General Description: 

Why does the following error occur during installation? 


"Invalid fid. Error in ==> C:\WINNT\TEMP\sysgenInstall2\xlUpdateClassPath.m (insertLineAfterDot)? 


Welcome to the Xilinx System Generator Version x.x Installer. 

??? Error using ==> fprintf 

Invalid fid. Error in ==> C:\WINNT\TEMP\sysgenInstall2\xlUpdateClassPath.m (insertLineAfterDot) 

On line 150 ==> fprintf(cout,'%s\n',fileLines{i}); Error in ==> C:\WINNT\TEMP\sysgenInstall2\xlUpdateClassPath.m 

On line 80 ==> insertLineAfterDot(matlabclasspath,classpath{i}); Error in ==> C:\WINNT\TEMP\sysgenInstall2\xlSysgenInst.m 

On line 560 ==> classPathUpdated = xlUpdateClassPath(1, needUpdateClassPath); ??? Error using ==> waitfor 

Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback."


This problem occurs when you do not have write permission for the install directory; specifically, it occurs when you do not have write permission for the classpath.txt file that is located in the following directory: 



To solve this problem, make sure that you have write permission for the classpath.txt file when installing System Generator for DSP.

AR# 19471
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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