AR# 19524

6.3i XPower - Worst case mode power estimate is lower than typical power values


General Description: 

When toggling between worst case and normal power mode, the normal power is higher than the worst case power.


Currently, the following issues occur with the worst case power mode: 


- Some frequencies are not correctly propagated from normal to worst case mode. 

- Quiescent current might not be propagated from normal to worst case mode. 

- Operating temperature defaults to maximum junction temperature. 

- Multi-Gigabit Transceiver (MGT) power for VccauxRx/Tx and VtRx/Tx changes to 0. 


Due to the number of issues with the worst case power mode, Xilinx recommends that you not use it in 6.2i or in 6.3i.  


Worst case power mode is intended as a method of creating a copy of the existing input data (frequencies, toggle rates, loading, etc.) and allowing you to specify "worst case" values. Worst case mode does NOT instruct XPower to utilize worst case capacitance values (none exist). To work around this issue, specify the worst case data and save it as a separate ".xml" settings file.

AR# 19524
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article