AR# 19540


9.1i ISE - Whenever I perform a particular function or task, the computer restarts (reboots) immediately without warning


Keywords: EDK, COREGen, reboot, restart, automatically, no, error, Windows, XP, 2000

When using ISE or EDK on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP-based computer, the computer might restart automatically without warning when a particular function or task is carried out. This behavior might be consistently reproducible.

This behavior has been seen when starting COREGen and when selecting "File --> Target Settings" in the GNU Debugger GUI in EDK.

What causes this behavior?


The Windows 2000 and Window XP operating systems have a setting that will cause the computer to restart automatically on the detection of a system failure.

ISE or EDK is not causing the computer to restart. ISE or EDK will encounter a fatal error of some kind, and this will cause the operating system to automatically restart the computer.

This makes it difficult to debug the actual cause of the problem.

If this behavior occurs, please disable the "Automatically Restart on System Failure" option in the OS.

This option can be found in the following location:

-> System Properties (Right-click"My Computer" and select "Properties")
-> Advanced Tab
-> Startup and Recovery
-> System Failure
-> Automatically Restart/Reboot

Once this option is disabled, the OS displays a more meaningful error message the next time the error occurs. This error message can then be used for further debugging.
AR# 19540
Date 04/13/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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