AR# 19562


6.2i ChipScope Pro - Data linked to trigger, even if Data is not the same as trigger


Keyword: generator, 6.1, different, bug, analyzer, connected, inserter 




General Description: 

ChipScope Analyzer shows that the data and the trigger are linked together, even if the setting "data same as trigger" is not selected. When I position the cursor on a data signal, the message "DataPort[x] (linked to) TriggerPort[x]" is displayed. When I change the data signal names, the trigger signal names are also changed (and vice versa).


This issue only occurs with the ChipScope Generator. You can work around this issue by implementing one of the following solutions: 


Use ChipScope Generator 

1. Open ChipScope Pro 6.2i Generator. 

2. Select the ILA Core. 

3. In the Data options, click "Data Same as Trigger." 

4. Uncheck "Include TRIG0 port." 

5. Uncheck "Data Same as Trigger." 

6. Generate the ILA. 

After performing these steps, data and trigger should not be linked together. 


Use ChipScope Inserter instead of ChipScope Generator 

This issue does not occur using ChipScope Inserter. 


NOTE: This problem will be resolved in the next minor release.

AR# 19562
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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