AR# 1960


Orcad Capture 7.0 - XMAKE 5.2.0 fails to find user-defined sub-hierarchy for 4K-E design


Keywords: Capture, XMAKE, subhierarchy, sub hierarchy, failed

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
XMAKE may give the following message when run on XNF file generated by Capture:

xmake -x -r -o -p 4003EPC84-4 top1 top1.xff
XMAKE Version 5.2.0
Copyright (c) 1989-1995 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved

XMAKE: Generating makefile 'top1.mak'...
XMAKE: Set the part type to '4003EPC84-4' from the command line, overriding the part type
specified in the design, if any.
XMAKE: Profile used is 'c:\XACT\data\'.
XMAKE: Running with the following XMAKE options:
-O -P 4003EPC84-4 -R -X
XMAKE: ERROR: Failed to find user defined subhierarchy 'ofdi' in 'top1.xnf'.
>>> 'ofdi' must be user defined, since it is not a primitive, a Xilinx macro or an
XBLOX symbol. Correct the error before running XMAKE again.


This could happen in a 4K-E design because of a bug in Orcad's XNF writer. It treats
OFDI as a primitive, which is NOT true -- OFDI is a macro. (Orcad has been notified
about this issue).

To avoid this, you can use one of two work-arounds:

1. Use OFDXI instead of OFDI, and tie the CE pin to VCC.
2. Write out the .inf file (VST netlist) from Capture, then run SDT2XNF from DOS to
get the correct XNF files; then, translate the design. (The SDT2XNF program is a part
of Orcad Interface from Xilinx.)
AR# 1960
Date 04/11/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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