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AR# 19668

PLB DDR SDRAM v1.11.a - Controller does not initialize memory properly after power-up


The PLB DDR SDRAM controller does not work correctly after the powerup reset. When the data from the SDRAM is read back and verified, it is incorrect. Only after issuing a reset via XMD or externally does the SDRAM begin to work.


A. When downloading Software ELF images by means of XMD to the DDR memory, you must first reset the PPC405 and its peripherals via the following:

For example:

XMD% rst

B. If you are using System ACE to download the Software ELF image, you must modify the "genace.tcl" as follows:

Insert the xreset command prior to the xdownload command.

For example:

xreset $tgt

xdownload $tgt $elffile

AR# 19668
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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