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AR# 19720

6.2 EDK - The Import Peripheral Wizard in Platform Studio does not copy across the HDL files into the repository directory


Keywords: EDK, XPS, IP, Import, Wizard, Repository

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using the Import Peripheral Wizard from Xilinx Platform Studio, the HDL files are not copied across to the repository directory.


The tool is behaving correctly, and the files are not copied because they are still configured to be compiled to the original HDL library.

In the case that a core called opb_test was created through Create and Import Peripheral Wizard - Create Mode, two "vhdl" files would have been created: "opb_test.vhd" and "user_logic.vhd". By default, they are compiled into logic library opb_test_v1_00_a. This can be confirmed by reviewing the library statement in "opb_test.vhd" and the "opb_test_v2_1_0.pao" file under its data directory.

If the use now uses Create and Import Peripheral Wizard - Import Mode to rev up the version to "b", therefore the logical library is opb_test_v1_00_b and the two "vhdl" files ("opb_test.vhd" and "user_logic.vhd") are supposed to be compiled into this new library (opb_test_v1_00_b). But in the GUI, in the HDL source file list box, since you imported through version a's "pao" file, the two "vhdl" files are listed to be compiled into the old opb_test_v1_00_a library by default, so there is nothing to be compiled into library opb_test_v1_00_b! Therefore, the tool thinks that nothing belongs to this new library and nothing needs to be copied.

The correct flow is therefore to import version a's "pao" file, and in the HDL source file list box, you need to delete the last two lines (for "opb_test.vhd" and "user_logic.vhd") and add them back again to make sure they are compiling into library opb_test_v1_00_b. Also, you need to make sure in "opb_test.vhd" the library statement (as well as the direct instantiation statement) refers to the new library because the wizard will run HDL parser to verify the syntax.

An enhancement has been added to the Import Wizard to check for this eventuality and will be released in a future version of the EDK tools.
AR# 19720
Date 04/10/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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