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AR# 19732

6.3i ECS CPLD 9500/XL/XV CoolRunner-II/XPLA3 - "Error: Symbol not found : IOBUFE schematic symbol not available"


Keywords: 6.3i, 6.2i, ISE, Schematic, CPLD, IOBUFE

Urgency: Standard

General Description :
The IOBUFE schematic macro component was available in 6.1i and earlier versions of ISE but is no longer available in 6.2i or 6.3i.


To work around this issue, create a custom macro that has the same behavior as the previous IOBUFE component.

This macro can be downloaded from:

1. Unzip this file into your project directory.
2. Add the schematic into your project hierarchy from within ISE.
3. Open the schematic containing the IOBUFE components.
4. Ignore the errors regarding not being able to find the symbol.

In the Symbols tab, under the project category, you should see the "x_iobufe" component. Replace all of the IOBUFE components with the X_IOBUFE components. The component symbol is identical to the IOBUFE component, so no nets need to be moved.
AR# 19732
Date 01/08/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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