AR# 1978


Foundation XABEL: "XABEL is not installed" error when synthesizing ABEL code


Keywords: foundation, xabel, hdl editor, install
Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When attempting to synthesize an ABEL design in the HDL
Editor, you may receive an error saying that "XABEL is not
installed" or that the "XACT environment is not set."



This message may also be encountered when trying to synthesize ABEL code without creating a project. That is, starting Foundation without creating a project, then heading straight for the HDL Editor to synthesize your code. Make sure you create a project first.


Be sure that XABEL is installed, and that the XILINX variable
and PATH are set to the directory where it is installed.

For more information on installing XABEL, see solution 1797.


If XABEL is installed in the C:\XACT directory, the XACT
variable and PATH should be set as follows:

SET PATH=C:\XACT;<rest_of_path>

* Make sure there are no spaces around the '='.


If you have installed the Alliance software over top of the Foundation software, you
may no longer have XABEL installed since XABEL is only shipped as part of the
Foundation software, not with Alliance. See solution 3253 for more
information on running XABEL with Alliance.


This error can occur if XABEL is installed into the
ACTIVE\EXE directory, even if it is also correctly installed
in the $XILINX directory.

Foundation first looks in ACTIVE\EXE for the required
software, then in other directories in the PATH variable.

After it finds the XABEL software, it looks at the XILINX
variable to see if the location that it found the software in
and the XILINX variable setting match. If these do not match,
it will give the error that XABEL is not installed.

So, be sure that XABEL is only installed in $XILINX and not in
AR# 1978
Date 04/11/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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