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AR# 19801

6.3/6.2 EDK - How to upgrade ISOCM_V10 from v1.00a to v2.00a in EDK


Keywords: EDK, XPS, ISOCM, OCM, PPC, PowerPC

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I upgrade ISOCM_V10 from v1.00a to v2.00a in EDK?


ISOCM_V10 version v1.00a has been replaced by version v2.00a. The new core enables critical EDK design tool support. Xilinx recommends that you update your design to use the new core. If you wish to continue using the old core, you can do so by converting it to a local pcore. Please refer to (Xilinx Answer 19531) for details. To upgrade from v1.00a to v2.00a, please perform the following steps:

1. In your design MHS change the isocm_v10 instance version parameter to:


2. Remove the following parameter and port from the interface:


Make a note of the /xxx/ value, since it will be needed for the
next step.

3. Please preform all the upgrade steps for the PPC405 instance
described in (Xilinx Answer 19753) (ppc405 v1.00a) or #19798
(ppc405 v2.00a).

4. The upgrade is now complete.
AR# 19801
Date 04/10/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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