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AR# 19926

6.2 EDK, PPC Tutorial - The code given in step 12 of "finishing the tutorial application code" generates errors such as "macro <function> used with only 2 args"


Keywords: EDK, Tutorial, PPC, error, compile

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I try to do the "Creating a PowerPC design" (Platform Studio user guide, chapter 11), I receive some errors when I arrive to the section "Compiling the Code" step 2 "Build all user applications".

Below are the four errors I get:
TestApp/src/TestApp.c:160: macro `XGpio_mSetDataDirection' used with only 2 args
TestApp/src/TestApp.c:164: macro `XGpio_mSetDataReg' used with only 2 args
TestApp/src/TestApp.c:173: macro `XGpio_mSetDataReg' used with only 2 args
TestApp/src/TestApp.c:188: macro `XGpio_mGetDataReg' used with just one arg

The document reference is ug113 (v1.0) March 12, 2004.


These errors occur because some functions are called without all the necessary arguments:

Below are the wrong lines:

XGpio_mSetDataDirection (BaseAddress, 0x00000000);
XGpio_mSetDataReg(BaseAddress, j);
XGpio_mSetDataReg(BaseAddress, j);
Xuint32 data = XGpio_mGetDataReg(BaseAddress);

Below are the correct lines:

XGpio_mSetDataDirection (BaseAddress, 1, 0x00000000);
XGpio_mSetDataReg(BaseAddress,1, j);
XGpio_mSetDataReg(BaseAddress,1, j);
Xuint32 data = XGpio_mGetDataReg(BaseAddress,1);
AR# 19926
Date 04/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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