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AR# 20028

LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) v7.0 - VHDL Demonstration Testbench - "Fatal Error in VHDL Demonstration Testbench: Value 65536 is out of range 0 to 65535 in pl4_data_monitor.vhd"


General Description:

When I simulate with the VHDL demonstration testbench, a "value out of range" error occurs.


This problem is fixed in SPI4.2 v7.1 released with IP Update #4.

This problem is caused by an out-of-range condition on the TDatSinceTrain variable in "pl4_data_monitor.vhd" and can be triggered by the following two conditions:

- Periodic training is never sent by the Source core (when Number of Data Cycles before Training = 0 or Number of Training Patterns during Training = 0).

- Periodic training is sent more than 65535 clock cycles apart (when Number of Data Cycles before Training + (Burst Size in Credits * 8) > 65535).

Solution 1:

Change the Source Core options using Option A or Option B:

Option A

- Change the options so that the Source Core sends training periodically

- Number of Data Cycles before Training is set to less than 65535 (Burst Size in Credits * 8)

- Burst Mode is set to "Complete Burst Only"

Option B

- Number of Data Cycles before Training is set to less than 65527

- Burst Mode is set to "Segmentation of Burst at Credit Boundary"

Solution 2:

Edit the VHDL demonstration testbench to prevent TDatSinceTrain from overflowing. In "pl4_data_monitor.vhd", change the following line (in two places).

Change this line:

TDatSinceTrain <= TDatSinceTrain + 1 after TFF;


TDatSinceTrain <= (TDatSinceTrain + 1) mod 65536 after TFF;

NOTE: Regenerating the SPI-4.2 Core from the CORE Generator overwrites "pl4_data_monitor.vhd"; consequently, any changes made by you are lost.

AR# 20028
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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