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8.2i Install - ISE Service Pack Release Notes (README)


This README Answer Record contains the Release Notes for 8.2i Service Packs. The Release Notes include installation instructions and a list of the issues that are fixed.

A successful installation of Xilinx ISE 8.2i Service Pack "x" updates your software version number to 8.2.0xi.


- The destination directory specified during the setup operation must contain an existing Xilinx ISE installation. Only existing files are updated. Any new device support not previously installed should first be installed from the Xilinx ISE CD before adding the Service Pack.

- You must set the XILINX environment variable before installing the Service Pack.

Installation Instructions for Windows Users

1. Download "8_2_0xi_win.exe" from:

2. Run "8_2_0xi_win.exe."

Installation Instructions for Red Hat Linux and Sun Solaris Users

1. Download "8_2_0xi_<platform>.zip from:

2. Move the zip file to an empty "staging" area, and unzip the downloaded file.

For example:

mv 8_2_0xi_<platform>.zip /home/<staging_dir>

cd /home/<staging_dir>

unzip 8_2_0xi_<platform>.zip

3. Run "setup."

NOTE: WebUpdate can also be used to download and install ISE Service Packs.


Issues Addressed in 8.2i Service Packs


(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23977) - 8.2i CompXLib - VHDL models are not getting compiled in ISE 8.2i SP1 with VCS_MX

Constraints & Timing

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23936) - 8.2i TRACE/Timing Analyzer - Why is the clock skew always reported as zero?

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23937) - 8.2i TRACE/Timing Analyzer - Missing intermediate signals in detailed path report when crossprobing

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23747) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Timing Analyzer - Why are Q1's and Q2's paths analyzed on both edges?

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23431) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Create Timing Constraint Process - "ERROR:ConstraintsEditorC - Please enter a number..." message

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23778) - 8.2i Constraints Editor - Crashes on Global tab/category on PERIOD cell of 1 ms

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23782) - 8.2i Virtex-5 - Constraints Editor - Distributed RAMs not listed in the Create Group by Instance constraints

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23421) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Constraints - Unable to lock (LOC) placement of global logic components (RAM, PPC, DCM, etc.)

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23429) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Constraints - Unable to place (LOC) I/O via distribution button or to I/O Banks, and no tool tips during drag and drop

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23422) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Constraints - Unable to create Area Constraints on Clock Regions, for timegroups, or the top level

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23629) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Constraints - Slice-based area_group disappears if I resize / move it to invalid location

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23632) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Constraints - Pin assignment made to specific locations cannot be made


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23534) - 8.1i NGDBuild CPLDFit: FDCPE - Clock Enable logic is incorrectly removed


(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23979) - 8.2i Data2Mem - Multi-processor designs fail when using shared block RAM memories

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23980) - 8.2i Data2Mem - Data2Mem does not support the initialization of 36K block RAM memory spaces in the 5VLX50T Device

Floorplan Editor

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23781) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Floorplan Editor - Connections from Pad to buffer are not displayed

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23798) - 8.2i Floorplan Editor - Partition ranges are not retained in the Design Object List

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23802) - 8.2i Floorplan Editor - Cannot allow a site after prohibiting it

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23786) - 8.2i Floorplan Editor - "Fatal Error: GuiUtilities" error occurs when cross-probing between Timing Analyzer and Floorplan-Implemented view

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23423) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Cross-Probing - The complete path is not shown in Floorplan-Implemented tab


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23734) - 8.2i iMPACT - Deleting the last revision does not update the PROM Capacity

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23737) - 8.2i iMPACT - When selecting an SPI PROM, the files are generated for the wrong size of PROM

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23742) - 8.2i iMPACT - "ERROR:iMPACT:2874 - Failed to copy file..." after Save Archive File for the xc9500xl

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23743) - 8.2i iMPACT - iMPACT crashes in Linux when the ".bit" file targeted for a device has been updated

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23745) - 8.2i iMPACT - V-5 multiboot wizard should not allow user to add non V-5 device at the start of the chain

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23746) - 8.2i iMPACT - Error: 1353 ACD entry READ_INSTRUCTION not found for device family AT45DBxxxx


(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23972) - 8.2i SP3 Virtex-5 MAP - Enhancement to retarget Virtex-4 RAMB16s to Virtex-5 RAMB18SDPs

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23973) - 8.2i Virtex-5 MAP - Write address line of RAM128X1D incorrectly optimized when SPO is unused

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23974) - 8.2i Virtex-4 MAP - Design with DSPs crashes after message "mapping design into LUTs"


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23779) - 8.2i PACE - IOBDELAY Constraints removed from UCF


(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23978) - 8.2i Virtex-4 PAR - Placer hangs in Phase 5.30

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23981) - 8.2i Virtex-4 PAR - Crash in Phase 8.8

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23982) - 8.2i PAR - MPPR fails during 2nd cost table

Project Navigator

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23427) - 8.2i Virtex-5, Project Navigator - Crashes when sorting columns, cross-probing, or placing components

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23799) - 8.2i ISE - Generate Formality Netlist for a Virtex-5 project gives: "ERROR:NetListWriters:437 - Unknown output netlist type"

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23793) - 8.2i ISE - Removing "Simulation Only" file in Project Navigator changes the Implementation status to "Out of Date"

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23794) - 8.2i ISE - Using Virtex-5 and Reentrant Route mode fails with "ERROR: <top_module>.ncd does not exist"

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23341) - 8.2i ISE - Creating new Project Navigator project fails with message: "The project location <directory path> is read only. Please try another location."

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23458) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator process status and partition information is lost when snapshot is made current

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23795) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator "Clean All Project Files" deletes ".mif" files added to the project

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23796) - 8.2i ISE - Synthesis and Implementation processes are not available for an HDL source, even when the source is set as top level

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23797) - 8.2i ISE - Using package files incorrectly triggers "WARNING:ProjectMgmt - Problems were detected in the project file during open"

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23383) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator runs a process on a source unrelated to the selected top-level module

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23530) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator reruns Xplorer script unnecessarily after re-opening a project

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23800) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator Assign Package Pins process does not get the "Part" specification in a CPLD/EDIF project

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23555) - 8.2i ISE - Collapsed source view of User Documents added to a Project Navigator project keeps getting expanded

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23554) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator "Assign Package Pins" process does nothing with NGC Project

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23381) - 8.2i ISE - Creating a new EDIF-based project with New Project Wizard causes fatal error from GuiUtilities:Gq_Application.c when UCF file is included

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23458) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator process status and partition information is lost when Snapshot is made current

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23102) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator hangs when opening specific projects -- project file becomes corrupt

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23553) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator shows intermediate files generated by ISE processes in Sources window

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23262) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator shows that MAP failed, but there are no errors in my MAP report

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23387) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator crashes when closing one project and trying to open another -- GuiUtilities:Gq_Application.c:570:

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23551) - 8.2i ISE - Apply Project Properties process closes project and hangs Project Navigator

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 22570) - 8.1i ISE - When I launch ModelSim with a custom ".do" file, the following message appears: "# invalid command name"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23385) - 8.2i ISE - Project Navigator lists inaccurate options for Virtex-5 Configuration Rate

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23550) - 8.2i ISE - Running the MPPR option "Copy result to Working Directory" causes project processes to go out-of-date

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23549) - 8.2i ISE - "Back Annotate Pin Locations" process does not use correct UCF file if the base name does not match the Top Level source name

Speeds Files

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23788) - Virtex-5 - Speeds File Revision History

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 20953) - Virtex-4 - Speeds File Revision History

(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 21299) - Spartan-3E - Speed File Revision History


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 23735) - 8.2i Virtex-5 - FIFO36_72 ALMOST_FULL / ALMOST_EMPTY parameters improperly defined as 9 bits wide

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23461) - 8.1i ISE - The hourglass mouse pointer does not change after using the Test Bench Waveform (TBW) wizard

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23641) - 8.1sp1 UniSim, Simulation - FIFO16 UniSim model Xs out ALMOST_EMPTY flag and DO output

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23647) - 8.1.03i UniSim, Simulation - DLL does not lock during Verilog simulation and does not generate any output clock


(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23441) - 8.2i TCL - No Error code appears when implementation fails in TCL script

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23437) - 8.2i TCL - "Project set family Virtex4" command causes ERROR:TclTaskC


(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23983) - 8.2i UniSim, Simulation - PLL output ( CLKOUT0) is 180 degrees out of phase with clock input ( CLKIN1)


(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23984) - 8.2i XST - "ERROR:Xst:2587 - Port %s of instance %s has different type in definition %s"

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23976) - 8.2i NetGen - NetGen generates an SDF file that does not have Delay/Timing check information for X_PLL_ADV

(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23975) - 8.2i ISE - PLL_ADV VHDL model does not phase shift when CLKFBOUT_MULT and CLKOUTx_DIVIDE attributes are set to 1

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23648) - 8.1i XST - Incorrect logic is generated by XST when trying to infer an open drain driver for CPLD

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23446) - 8.1i/7.1 XST- "ERROR:Xst:71 - Redeclaration of an instance : <instance_name>"

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23334) - 8.1i XST - XST generates incorrect logic when an integer type is used in a record type in VHDL
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