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AR# 20065

Spartan-II - The DONE pin does not go High for each configuration attempt


A Spartan-II device does not configure properly with every configuration attempt. The following devices are affected by this failure:

XC2S15-5CES (all packages)

XC2S30-5CES (all packages)

XC2S150-5C with a date code of 0045 or earlier (all packages)


If your Spartan-II device is on the list above, the PWRDWN_B pin is a probable root cause.

On these devices, a PWRDWN pin must be connected or pulled-up to VCC. See (Xilinx Answer 10500) for more information. If the pin is left unconnected, or is left to be pulled High with the internal weak pull-up, the device can unexpectedly enter a power-down mode and configuration will not complete.

AR# 20065
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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