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AR# 20147

Config-Partial Reconfig - Is partial reconfiguration on DCI I/O possible?


General Description:

Is partial reconfiguration on DCI I/O possible?


For Virtex-II/-II Pro, partial reconfiguration of one DCI I/O to a different DCI I/O is not possible for Virtex-II or Virtex-II Pro since there is no way to reset the DCI controller state machine. However, partial reconfiguration from non-DCI I/O to DCI I/O is possible if the GHIGH signal is asserted prior to the reconfiguration.

For Virtex-4, DCI can be reset so partial reconfiguration of the DCI I/O will be possible. After partial reconfiguration, simply reset DCI to ensure correct function. To do this, instantiate the DCIRESET primitive into the design and toggle the input after reconfiguration has taken place.

AR# 20147
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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