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AR# 20166

6.3i PACE - "ERROR:Pace - Invalid location" and other non-descriptive errors occur when I import a CSV file


Keywords: PACE, CSV, invalid, import, error, line, column

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I import a CSV file into PACE on a Windows machine, the following errors are generated for normal I/O locks along with more, similar non-descriptive errors:

"ERROR:Pace - Invalid location: A5
ERROR:Pace - ERROR: (Line 4, Column 0) Could not set I/O to "A5"
ERROR:Pace - Invalid location: 4"

However, it appears that the CSV file is implemented correctly, and when I run the DRC, no errors are found.


These are valid errors, but the lack of description is confusing.

The first error regarding the invalid location on A5 (or other non-dedicated pins) occurs when the pin is either prohibited, dedicated, or has already been floorplanned. Importing the CSV file will not rip up an existing pin placement. If you wish to replace the existing placement, select all the pins in the Pin View, press "Delete", then import the CSV.

The second "Invalid Location: 4" error occurs because the "Bank Number" column for that pin is set to "4" and not "BANK4".

More detailed error messages have been created, and these will be integrated into a future release of the design tools.
AR# 20166
Date 03/27/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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