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AR# 20172

ISE - Unable to install Wind/U ".ini" file (/mnt/cdrom/data/WindU) when attempting to run an ISE application


Keywords: 7.1i, 8.1i, 8.2i, 9.1i, 9.2i, CD, installation, display, environment, variable

When I attempt to run an ISE application on a Red Hat Linux machine, I receive the following error:

"Wind/U Error (294): Unable to install Wind/U ini file (/mnt/cdrom/data/WindU).
See the Wind/U manual for more details on the ".WindU" file and the "WINDU"
environment variable.
Wind/U X-toolkit Error: wuDisplay: Can't open display"


This issue can occur if the machine's $DISPLAY environment variable is set to :0.0, or the Wind/U installation is corrupt. To work around this issue, try the following:

1. Create a new shell.
2. Set the $DISPLAY variable to :0.
3. Delete all ".windu" files and folders in your home directory and try again.

Another reason this error can occur is related to Unix UID issues. The setup script used by the ISE 7.1i installer uses the "cp -p" command when copying files to the system. The "-p" implies that the permissions be preserved, and because some files on the CD are written by UID's unfamiliar to some systems, this error occurs. To work around the issue, copy the CD contents locally and edit the setup script to change the "cp -p" commands to "cp" commands.
AR# 20172
Date 06/09/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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