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AR# 20218

LogiCORE CAM (Contents Addressable Memory) v5.1 - Release Note and Known Issues


General Description:
This Release Note is for the CAM v5.1 released in 6.3i IP Update #4. It contains:

New Features
Bug Fixes
Known Issues

Please see (Xilinx Answer 20083) for the installation instructions and software/tool requirements.


New Features in v5.1

Bug Fixes in v5.1
- CR 173291: Data sheet issue
Symptom: Error occurs when user tries to load example COE file from the data sheet.

- CR 187235: Data sheet issue
Symptom: An incorrect default value of "8" is documented for IP core Depth inTable 2 in the data sheet. This is outside the legal range of values (the allowed range depends on the target family).

- CR 173287: GUI issue
Symptom: User gets a stack trace error when generating the core with a COE file with the wrong radix: "Exception occurred during event dispatching: java.lang."

- CR 173288: GUI issue
Symptom: Deleting the number in the data width field prior to replacing it causes a stack trace ERROR: "Exception occurred during event dispatching: java.lang.NumberFormatException:"

- CR 187169: GUI issue
Symptom: When the ?Block Memory? option is selected, and the "Register Outputs" option is selected, then deselected, the DATA_MASK pin in the displayed symbolic representation does not become enabled.

- CR 187175: GUI issue
Symptom: When the "Block Memory" option is selected, "Ternary Mode" is not selectable; however, the DATA_MASK and CMP_DATA_MASK pins associated with Ternary Mode are still enabled in the GUI symbol.

- CR 187250: GUI issue
Symptom: WE and WR_ADDR are enabled by default. Deselecting either of these pins in the GUI symbol results in both the Load_Initialization_File and Read_Only_Cam checkboxes being selected, which is correct. However, when clicking the WE or WR_ADDR again, only the Read_Only_Cam checkbox is deselected.

Known Issues
AR# 20218
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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