AR# 2044


PC Hangs - Some S3-based video card drivers are incompatible with WIN32S


If you experience system hang-ups while running MS Windows operations and WIN32S has been installed with the video driver set to 1024x768, you might have an incompatible S3-based video driver card.


If you have not already installed the Freecell demo program that comes with the WIN32S diskettes, reinstall WIN32S with Freecell and run the Freecell program.

If this does not work, you might have a compatibility problem with your video card. Check your video card documentation to determine if it is based on the S3 chip-set.

If the video driver card is based on the S3 chip-set, then do the following:

1. Use the Microsoft Super VGA video driver that comes with Windows 3.11.

Set the display mode to 800x600, 16 colors.

2. Obtain the updated video drivers.

3. Obtain the updated S3 video drivers from a "Windows" ftp site.

For further information on this issue, see the ReadMe file in the XABEL-CPLD (DS-571-PC1) Windows Program Group.

AR# 2044
Date 04/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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