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AR# 20462

6.3 EDK, Compedklib - NCSIM issues the following error: Failed unable to checkout license for encryption/decryption. 'lic_error -30'


Keywords: Compedklib, NCSIM, encryption, decryption, lic_error, license, ncvhdl

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running compedklib with NCSIM, the following error occurs:

"Compiling opb_ethernet_v1_01_a
unzip -q -o /tools/xilinx/EDK6.3i/hw/XilinxProcessorIPLib/CompiledModels/ncprotect_vhdl/opb_ethernet_v1_01_a.zip -d /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/tmp_dcd
ncvhdl -nolog -cdslib /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/cds.lib -hdlvar /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/hdl.var -V93 -Work opb_ethernet_v1_01_a -file /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/opb_ethernet_v1_01_a_tlc26807
ncvhdl: 05.10-s016: (c) Copyright 1995-2004 Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
--pragma protect begin_protected
ncvhdl_p: *F,DECERR (/prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/tmp_dcd/opb_ethernet_v1_01_a/mac_pkg.vhdp,1|0): Error while decrypting : NO ERROR - Failed
unable to checkout license for encryption/decryption. 'lic_error -30'
ERROR::Failed to execute ncvhdl -nolog -cdslib /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/cds.lib -hdlvar /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/hdl.var -V93 -Work opb_ethernet_v1_01_a -file /prj/tesla/TOP_OPB_EDK/COMP_EDK_LIB_NCSIM/opb_ethernet_v1_01_a_tlc26807 : "


The NCVHDL license for encryption/decryption has to be acquired from Cadence. It is free, but a separate request needs to be made for it. That 'feature' is:


AR# 20462
Date 04/12/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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