AR# 2061


FPGA Express/FPGA Compiler II - How do I obtain information on shell commands (FST, fe_shell)?


Keywords: FPGA, Express, Compiler, FST, script, TCL, command, set

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
FPGA Express and FPGA Compiler II have a TCL-based scripting tool that allows
users to run a synthesis from the command line. The online help (from the GUI) gives
basic information about this interface, but does not go into detail about all the
available commands.



The following help/man commands are available in fe_shell (FPGA Express) and
fc2_shell (FPGA Compiler II):

fe_shell> help
This will list all the FE/FC2-specific commands and TCL built-in commands.

fe_shell> help set*
This will list all the commands that begin with "set". This enables an array of wildcard searches.

fe_shell> help -v <command_name>
This will list all the available options for the <command_name>.

fe_shell> man <command_name>
Gives a detailed description of the <command_name>.


Pulldown selections in the FPGA Express/Compiler II GUI also allow the automatic
creation of FST scripts:

Highlight the optimized chip and select Script -> "Export FPGA Script..." for a TCL-based FST script (extension fes or fc2).

For a DC shell script for FPGA Compiler or Design Compiler, select Script -> "Export DC Script..."

These scripts will include all commands from project creation through optimization, and will
include timing constraints. They will not include netlist exporting or physical constraints (clock
buffer usage, pad locations, use I/O reg, etc.).
AR# 2061
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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