AR# 20613


11.1 EDK - Is it possible to view the assembly (.s) files generated by the GNU Compiler (GCC) from within EDK?


When I compile my code from the XPS GUI, the GNU compiler processes my C source files and produces an ELF file.

Is it possible to view the assembly (.s) files that the GNU compiler generates for my C code?


A number of different methods are available for viewing the assembly (.s) files. One method is described below:

1. In XPS, select the Applications tab.

2. Right-click the relevant project and select "Set Compiler Options".

3. Select the Paths and Options tab.

4. In the Other Compiler Options to Append field, enter "-save-temps".

5. Click OK.

6. Re-compile your software application.

All the intermediate files used by the compiler, including the assembly files, will be saved in the project directory.

AR# 20613
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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