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AR# 20647

9.1i ISE - In Project Navigator, all of the options under the Simulation menu item are grayed out


Keywords: simulation, menu, run, restart, step, stop, end, all, ISE simulator, select

The Project Navigator menu bar contains the Simulation menu. However, all of the items in this menu are grayed out and cannot be selected. How and when can these options be used?


The items in the Simulation menu are valid only for simulation with the ISE simulator. The Menu items become selectable when an ISE simulator window is the active window in the Project Navigator workspace (MDI window).

To open the ISE simulator, do the following:

1. Select ISE Simulator as the "Simulator" choice in the Project Options.
2. Select a test bench or test bench waveform in the Sources in Project window.
3. Run either the Simulate Behavioral Model or Simulate Post-Place & Route HDL Model process.

NOTE: The ISE simulator is available only for Windows platform.

AR# 20647
Date 04/13/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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