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AR# 20659

8.1i ISE - Test Bench Waveform can be created with the same name as another source file but gives hierarchy error when saved


Keywords: tbw, building, hierarchy, test bench, waveform, new source

I select Project -> New Source, in the New Source wizard. I create a TBW, name it with the same base name as an existing project source (e.g., "counter.tbw" when "counter.vhd" exists in the project). I am able to proceed with the Waveform Editor and add all the desired stimuli to the waveform.

At this point, I select "save." The TBW file is created, but Project Navigator issues a pop-up message indicating:

" Error(s) occurred while building the hierarchy. Refer to the transcript for more details"

The TBW file is added to the project as a user document. The waveform can be opened in the Waveform Editor, but no processes are available.

Is there a way to fix this without losing the work done to enter the stimuli?


There are two possible solutions:

1. Re-name the existing source so that the name does not conflict with the Test Bench Waveform (TBW) file.

2. Re-name the Test Bench Waveform and associated file. To do this:
- Open the ".tbw" file in a text editor. The top 7 lines should look something like the following:

version 3

- Change the sixth line to a new name (e.g., "cntr.xwv")
- Save the edited Test Bench Waveform file to the same new base name (e.g., "cntr.tbw").
- Find and rename the vector store file (".xwv") to the new name created in the ".tbw" (in the example above: "cntr.xwv").
- Add the newly named ".tbw" file to the project using Project -> Add Source.
AR# 20659
Date 03/25/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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