AR# 2068


96 DATA BOOK: Inconsistency in Pinout for 4025E PG299 package


Keywords: 4025 pinout databook pg299
Urgency: Standard

General Description:
There is an inconsistency in pins for 4025E-PG299 in the Data book.
The problem exists in 7/96 and 9/96 revisions of the 96 data book.

Pages 4-157,158,159 lists the following pins but they are
NOT listed in the pin-out on Pages 4-113 through 4-117.

7/96 Data Book
Page Pins Description
4-157 T5 GND
4-158 E5 VCC
4-159 E16 GND


These pins were inadvertantly left out pin-outs on pages 4-113 through 4-117.
The information on Page 4-157,158,159 is correct.
AR# 2068
Date 08/08/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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