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AR# 20692

7.1i CORE Generator - Some Core Viewer data, from footprint, is not readable


Keywords: utilization, footprint, resources, core, viewer, display, parameters, rpm, lut, registers, cut off

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In the customization GUI for each core is a check box option called Display Core Footprint. If this box is checked, a small pop-up window will appear after the core has been generated, showing information such as number of LUTs, Registers, block RAMs, Multipliers used and RPM bounds. On some computers this Core Viewer window will launch, but the data appears to be cut off.


This problem occurs with CORE Generator on a Solaris platform. To work around this issue, open the "<core_name>.xco" file in a text editor. The top section of this file contains all of the device utilization information supplied in the Core Viewer window.


# Number of Primitives in design: 1173
# Number of CLBs used in design: 50
# Number of Slices used in design: 176
# Number of LUT sites used in design: 307
# Number of LUTs used in design: 307
# Number of REG used in design: 67
# Number of SRL16s used in design: 0
# Number of Distributed RAM primitives used in design: 0
# Number of Block Memories used in design: 0
# Number of Dedicated Multipliers used in design: 0
# Number of HU_SETs used: 1
# Huset "test_core/tl/pm/m2/top" = (0, 0) to (9, 9) in CLBs
AR# 20692
Date 12/13/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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