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AR# 20761

7.1i ISE - Synplify flow gives "Process "Synthesize" did not complete" for designs containing Core Generator or Architecture Wizard cores


Keywords: Synplify, pro, Pro, synthesize, COREGen, CORE, CORE Generator, archwiz, Project Navigator, undefined, module, CG106, IP, Verilog, wrapper

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Project Navigator does not create empty module files for Core Generator or Architecture Wizard cores during Synplify flows. Instead, Project Navigator will pass the ".xco" and ".xaw" files to Synplify. This causes Synplify to issue an error about the unknown files.

Example error messages from Synplify:

@E: CG106 :"C:\test\top.v":47:8:47:15|Reference to undefined module my_core
@E: CG106 :"C:\test\top.v":116:5:116:10|Reference to undefined module DCM1

The Project Navigator Console reports:

Process "Synthesize" did not complete.

Done: failed with exit code: 0001


The Synplify project file is getting incorrectly created. When the Synplify project file is created by Project Navigator, rather than adding the wrapper files (<core_name>.v) for IP, we add the IP files themselves (the ".xco" file or the ".xaw" file).

The wrapper files are being correctly created within the Project Navigator project. They are just not being passed to the Synplify project.

The incorrect project file lines are in the Source file section of the ".prj" file.

## Source files
add_file -verilog {C:Synplify_771/bin/../lib/xilinx/unisim.v}
add_file {my_core.xco}
add_file {hex2led.v}
add_file {DCM1.xaw}
add_file {stopwatch.v}

Notice ".xco" and ".xaw" are added rather than the ".v" wrappers.

To work around this, Synplify users will need to do one of the following:
1. Run synthesis stand alone and then add the "Edif" file to ISE for implementation.
2. Remove the ".xco" and ".xaw'' files from the Project Navigator project and add the corresponding ".v" file to the project in its place (Project-> Add Source).

The Leonardo, Precision and XST flows for synthesis may be another option.
AR# 20761
Date 12/13/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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