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AR# 20762

7.1i iMPACT - What is the Linux operating system/kernel version support for iMPACT?


General Description:

What is the Linux operating system/kernel version support for iMPACT?


7.1i iMPACT is officially supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. However, iMPACT currently does not support Linux 64 (lin64) cable programming.

For driver compilation on Kernel version 2.4.x, refer to (Xilinx Answer 18612).

For USB cable support, it must be installed with the ISE CD install. The USB cable driver in 7.1i ISE is precompiled for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.

The Platform Cable USB uses the windrvr6 device driver. This is the same driver that is used for the Parallel cables. In addition, the following files are also required:

setup_pcusb -> install script

xusbdfwu.hex -> cable firmware

xusbdfwu,xusbdfwu.usermap -> linux setup/script files

These files are copied to the %XILINX%/bin/lin directory when ISE is installed.

To run the driver installation, cd to the %XILINX%/bin/lin directory and run setup_pcusb.

For Linux Kernel 2.4.x, the windrvr6 device driver should be built from the source code. See solution 18612 for the driver compilation instruction.

If the files are missing, the user can install the drivers from the Installer CD.

AR# 20762
Date 12/15/2012
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Type General Article
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