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AR# 20768

6.3 EDK, PlatGen - "ERROR;HDLParsers Library proc_common_v1_00_b cannot be found''


Keywords: EDK, PlatGen, HDLParsers, Library, Synthesis

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Errors occur when I am synthesizing a custom piece of IP that relies on multiple versions of the same library in a single ".pao" file (proc_common_v1_00_b and also proc_common_v2_00_a, in this case).

The following errors are reported:

"ERROR:HDLParsers:3317 - C:/Tools/EDK63f/hw/XilinxProcessorIPLib/pcores/plb_ipif_v1_00_e/hdl/vhdl/pf_counter_bit.vhd Line 66. Library proc_common_v1_00_b cannot be found.
ERROR:HDLParsers:3014 - C:/Tools/EDK63f/hw/XilinxProcessorIPLib/pcores/plb_ipif_v1_00_e/hdl/vhdl/pf_counter_bit.vhd Line 67. Library unit proc_common_v1_00_b is not available in library plb_ipif_v1_00_e."


"nosort" was removed from PRJ files in 6.3 because it was not supported in MIXED projects. This causes problems for IP that relies on 2 versions of the same library.

In ISE 7.1i, "nosort" feature is supported through command line switch (-hdl_compilation_order auto|user where auto is the default).
AR# 20768
Date 04/12/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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