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CORE Generator - "ERROR:coreutil:195 - Could not create Java virtual machine - JVM"


When I run the CORE Generator software, the following error occurs: 

Could not create Java VM.

When I open CORE Generator standalone and attempt to open a core, the pop-up message "Could not attach to JVM" appears, and the following error messages are displayed in the log window: 

ERROR:coreutil:195 - Could not create Java virtual machine.
ERROR:coreutil:128 - JavaVM was not found.
ERROR:coreutil:128 - JavaVM was not found Closed project file.

The following error message might also be displayed for some failed CORE Generator processes: 

ERROR:coreutil:279 - Not enough memory to create the Java Virtual Machine.


This message occurs if the CORE Generator tool cannot allocate enough memory to invoke the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The default system memory used by the CORE Generator tool is 1024 MBytes (512 MBytes on Windows NT). To change the amount of memory allocated: 

In ISE 10.1 or later, set the "Memory Dedicated to JAVA" field under File -> Preferences. 

In ISE 9.2i or earlier, use the "coregen -J Xmx" option from the command line: 

coregen -J Xmx<num>m  

coregen -J Xmx384m  
coregen -J Xmx256m  

Following are typical values that you can use: 
Xmx256m, Xmx384m, Xmx512m, Xmx768m, Xmx2048m, or Xmx4096m 

The total physical memory (plus the virtual memory) must be greater than or equal to the command line memory setting for CORE Generator. Setting the "Xmx" option to a larger value also ties up this amount of memory for your CORE Generator session. Other applications cannot utilize this memory until CORE Generator is terminated. 

The maximum heap size is machine-dependent. Many Windows NT systems cannot allocate much more than about 512 MBytes. If CORE Generator requires more memory than is available, it will not open. 

Depending on the actual problem, the amount of memory might either need to be increased or decreased from the default value.  

If you are attempting to launch CORE Generator from the command line, you might also type "_cg" instead of "coregen". 

_cg -J Xmx512m 

If CORE Generator is being launched from another tool (e.g., XST, EDK, System Generator), the java options cannot be entered on the command line. For these use cases, you should be able to set the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable. 


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AR# 20780
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