AR# 2081


Foundation Schematic - How do I replace a symbol without deleting nets?


Keywords: symbol, net, wire, Foundation Schematic

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Normally when I delete a symbol, all the wires connected to the symbol are also
deleted. Is it possible to leave the wires in place so that a new symbol can be
placed and connected?


To replace a symbol on the schematic without deleting the wires:

1. Select the symbol on the schematic.

2. Click on the Disconnect Symbol icon in the horizontal toolbar.

3. Delete the disconnected symbol.

4. Place the new symbol so that its pins touch the existing wires.

5. Select the new symbol and click on the Connect Symbol icon in the horizontal
toolbar. The wires will be automatically connected.

If some wires do not line up exactly with the new symbol, connect them manually
by selecting the end of the wire and dragging it over the symbol pin.
AR# 2081
Date 04/04/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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