AR# 2084


XEPLD 6.0: hi604: [Warning] Unexpected TIMESPEC string ignored


Keywords: xemake6, hi604, constraints, xact-performance

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Upon invoking "xepld" on a 9500 part, the following may be encountered if you have TIMESPECS in the design or in a constraints file:

hi604:[Warning]Unexpected TIMESPEC string FROM:PADS(PTOHP):TO:FFS=8.0, Ignored.
Note that XC7000 devices support FROM:TO syntax and do not
support the old-style P2P, C2S timing specifications.

The TIMESPEC is valid, and the signal "PTOHP" does indeed exist in the .xnf file.


The problem is that XEPLD calls a subprogram "xemake6", and this program has a bug. It will not accept any TIMESPEC string that references a signal with the string "TO" in it. Therefore, the signal "PTOHP" will need to be renamed to something else, such as "P2HP".
AR# 2084
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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