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AR# 20892

9.1i ISE - Project Navigator hangs at startup, and project does not open


Keywords: freezes, frozen, not responding, unresponsive, freeze, hang, corrupt

When I open Project Navigator, the operating system displays the message that the program is no longer responding.



By default, Project Navigator opens the last project worked on. If the last project file is faulty, it might lead to the problem described.

Some basic actions that might solve this problem are:

- Remove the <project Name>.dhp file from the project directory. (This applies to ISE 7.xi only). See also (Xilinx Answer 17813).
- Double-click another ".ise" (".npl" for 6.3i and earlier) file and open another project.
- Replace the ".ise" file with the ".ise_backup" file.
- If a snapshot was taken of the project, the ".snp" file can be copied from the snapshot directory to replace a corrupt ".ise" file. Change the .snp extension to .ise and make the file permissions READ/WRITE.
- Edit the Project Navigator preference in the windows registry so that the last project is not opened. To do this, modify the value of OpenPreviousProject from 1 to 0.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xilinx\Project Navigator\7.1i\Preferences -> OpenPreviousProject
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xilinx\ISE\9.1i\Project Navigator\Project Manager\Preferences -> OpenPreviousProject

- In some cases, the Project Navigator project will have to be recreated. If this is a recurring problem, please submit the project to Xilinx Technical Support.

See also: (Xilinx Answer 23102).


In Linux, the above settings are located in the "$HOME/.qt/xilinxrc" file. The version of design tools will be located at the first of each line.

For example, to prevent the ISE 10.1 design tools from opening the previous project, find the following line and change the value to "false".

10.1/Project Navigator/Project Manager/Preferences/OpenPreviousProject=true
AR# 20892
Date 04/16/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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