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AR# 20912

Config-Cable - Simultaneous use of Serial/JTAG and SelectMap interface could result in configuration failure


Can I attach the MultiPRO Slave-serial and SelectMAP cables to my hardware simultaneously?


All MultiPRO firmware versions, up to and including revision 8, will create CCLK driver contention if the Slave-serial and SelectMAP ribbon cables are attached to a target system simultaneously.

Configuration failures will result if both cables are attached and the target hardware has a common CCLK net.

To work around this problem, avoid simultaneous attachment of the SelectMAP and JTAG/Slave-serial ribbon cables to your system hardware when running MultiPRO firmware revision 8 or earlier.

This problem is solved beginning with firmware revision 9. The MultiPRO firmware revision is displayed in the iMPACT command log each time a cable connection is established.

AR# 20912
Date 01/30/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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