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AR# 20938

7.1i UniSim, Simulation Virtex-4 - DSP48 model asserts the following warning: "Warning OPMODE 0000101 with CARRYINSEL 00 to DSP48 instance is invalid"


Keywords: Filter, MAC FIR Filter, VHDL

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running a simulation of the MAC FIR v5.1 targeted to Virtex-4, a warning similar to the following is issued
at 0 ps :

** Warning: OPMODE Input Warning : The OPMODE 0000101 with CARRYINSEL 00 to DSP48 instance
is invalid.

An OPMODE of 0000101 and CARRYINSEL of 00 is a valid combination. Why is this
warning being issued?


The warning is being issued because at 0 ps, the value of the OPMODE is 0U00101 which is an
invalid OPMODE.

The warning message can only output '1's and '0's and is therefore converting 0U00101 to 0000101 and
issuing the warning message above.

This is a VHDL only issue.

This issue is currently being investigated to see if there is a better way to output the warning messages.
AR# 20938
Date 10/16/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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