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PLD_EDIF2TIM: Error: Cannot find library specified "SIMPRIMS"


Keywords: pld_edif2tim, ngd2edif, mentor, simulation, simprims

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General Description:

PLD_EDIF2TIM exits with the following errors:

// Error: Cannot find library specified "/home/salma/dsprdo/SIMPRIMS"
(from: Synthesis/EDIF Interface/Miscellaneous 15)
// Error: View "view_1" was not created successfully;
// thus cannot instantiate "AND0". (from: Synthesis/EDIF
Interface/Miscellaneous 1C)
// Note: Finding part "SIMPRIMS/x_and2" (from: Synthesis/EDIF
Interface/Eddm Interface 81)
// Error: Could Not find the External part "SIMPRIMS/x_and2". (from:
Synthesis/EDIF Interface/Miscellaneous 25)


Timing simulations in Xilinx M1 or later use the simprim (simulation primitive)
library to model routed designs. For Mentor Graphics, these simulation
models are located in the $SIMPRIMS library. The $SIMPRIMS variable is
typically set to $LCA/simprims.

The EDIF file that PLD_EDIF2TIM is processing should reference this
simulation library as "$SIMPRIMS". However, in this situation, the library
is referenced as simply "SIMPRIMS" (without the dollar sign). This causes
ENRead (the Mentor EDIF reader that PLD_EDIF2TIM runs) to look in the
current directory for a SIMPRIMS subdirectory where it expects to find the

To correct this, the EDIF file must be rewritten to reference the simprim
library as $SIMPRIMS. This is done with the vendor setting in NGD2EDIF:

ngd2edif -v mentor banderas.nga

If you are using the Xilinx Design Manager/Flow Engine, go to the
Implementation Options Template. Under the Interface panel, change the
Simulation Data Options: Vendor setting to "Mentor". Rerun the Timing
stage of Flow Engine, re-export (Design Manager: Design -> Export) the
time_sim.edn file, and reprocess the EDN file through PLD_EDIF2TIM.
AR# 2100
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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