AR# 2105


96 DATA BOOK/ISP APPLICATION GUIDE: Inconsistency in High-drive output current


Keywords: 9500, iol, databook, current, 3.3v, low voltage, isp application guide

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
There is an inconsistency in value for high-drive output current. The problem exists in:
1. Programmable Logic Data Book Revs. 7/96 and 9/96
2. ISP Application Guide Rev. 1/97

Features section on Page 3-17 in the 96 data books says:
High-drive 24mA outputs with 3.3V or 5V I/O capability.
But the DC Characteristics Over Recommended Operating Conditions on Page 3-19 says:
Vol O/P low voltage for 5V operation Iol=24mA
O/P low voltage for 3.3V operation Iol=10mA
Note that the information on Iol is conflicting.
Page 3-17 says 24mA, but Page 3-19 says 10mA.


The table on page 3-19 is correct. You'll notice that not
only page 3-17 is incorrect, but every front page of each XC9500 device is incorrect, also.
This inconsistency and will be corrected for the next
AR# 2105
Date 08/08/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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