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AR# 21062

CompXLib - How can I pass an environment variable to the "modelsim.ini" file as an output directory?


When running CompXLib, is it possible to pass an environment variable to the "modelsim.ini" file as the output directory, rather than having the output directory path explicitly specified in the ".ini" file?


This can be done by editing the default CFG file.

More information is available in Chapter 6 of the Synthesis and Verification Design Guide:


An example of how this can be done is described below:

1. Open a command prompt window, and type:

set OUT_DIR=C:\temp\test_dir

2. Then, type:

compxlib -cfg

3. Edit the following line in the "compxlib.cfg":

# compile library in the directory specified by the environment variable if the

# -dir option is not specified


4. Go back to the command window, and type:

compxlib -s mti_pe -arch

virtex -l verilog -w

5. The -dir switch is not being passed as the tools will automatically use the OUT_DIR environment variable.

6. Once CompXLib is completed, look at the ".ini" file:

7. SIMPRIMS_VER = $OUT_DIR\simprims_ver

UNISIMS_VER = $OUT_DIR\XilinxCoreLib_ver


This can be particularly useful if you want to simulate different versions of ISE installations.

AR# 21062
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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