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11.1 EDK - Multiple MicroBlaze debugging


How do I debug multiple instances of MicroBlaze at the same time?


Up to eight MicroBlaze processors can be debugged simultaneously utilizing a single MDM Core.

Refer to the "Debugging in EDK" chapter of the Platform Studio User Guide at:

There is no specific section on debugging multiple MicroBlaze processors. There is information on how to debug a multi-PPC system. Open several XMD windows, one for each processor. There is a TCP port for each MicroBlaze processor. From GDB, connect to the appropriate processor using the different TCP ports. This procedure is the same for MicroBlaze.

However, this still does not allow you to synchronize stepping of all the processors at the same time. Xilinx does not have a Common Control Interface from which you can issue a Common Command that allows you to control all the processors simultaneously. You can control only one processor at a time when using either GDB or XMD per processor.

For more information on debugging multiple PPCs, refer to (Xilinx Answer 17581).

AR# 21108
Date 12/15/2012
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