AR# 21109

14.x Timing/PAR - What is the meaning of the timing score in the Static Timing Report?


I noticed there is a timing score at the end of the Static Timing Report and in the PAR report:

"Phase 11: 0 unrouted; (682) REAL time: 6 mins 1 secs."

The 682 is also the timing score. What is the meaning of this timing score?


The timing score is the total value representing the timing analysis for all constraints and by how much the constraints are failing in picoseconds. It means the "sum" (in picoseconds) of all timing constraints that have not been met for each unique endpoint. It is calculated in the following way: Timing score =the sum of absolute value of all worst case negative slack of each failing unique endpoint in picoseconds.

Following is an example of how it is calculated:

Cases Number of Failing Endpoints Failing Endpoints Negative Slacks
Timing Score
Case 1 2
Endpoint 1
Endpoint 2
-1.9 -1.6 -0.3
-1.7 -0.9
Case 2 1
Endpoint 1
-3.2 -3.15 -2.7
AR# 21109
Date 12/15/2012
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