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AR# 21174

7.1 EDK - XMD "ERROR:EDK - section, .text: 0x10000000-0x10001850 out of range" occurs when I use the MPMC XCL Interface, MCH


Keywords: XPS, XMD, EDK, dow

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When downloading Application Code via XMD, I receive the following error:

"XMD% dow testapp/executable.elf
section, .text: 0x10000000-0x10001850
Checking if Program I-Side Memory within Address Range....FAILED
ERROR:EDK - section, .text: 0x10000000-0x10001850 out of range"

This error can be generated when I use the MPMC XCL Interface.


The following steps explain how to work around this issue:

1. In XPS, select Tools -> Xilinx Command Shell.
2. In the Command Shell, enter XMD.
3. Connect to the hardware with the appropriate XMD command:

connect ppc hw


connect mb mdm

4. Download the application.
AR# 21174
Date 04/13/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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