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AR# 21312

7.1i CORE Generator - "WARNING:encore - Error whilst reading <path>\\<core_name>.xco - ERROR:sim:52 - Could not find selected IP."


Keywords: path, match, project, library, version, extra backslash, XCO files

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I receive the following error message when CORE Generator tries to read in XCO files that exist in a project directory (the message shows an extra backslash in the path to the XCO files).


"WARNING:encore - Error whilst reading C:\Test71i\testproj\\test.xco
ERROR:sim:52 - Could not find selected IP."


The double backslash is a reporting error by CORE Generator.

The error indicating that the selected IP could not be found may be due to a version difference. For example, this message could appear if an IP macro was written with version 1 of a particular core in CORE Generator 5.1i and is opened in COREGen 7.1i where version 2 of the core is the oldest available version.

The backslash reporting has been removed and the error message has been enhanced in the latest 7.1i IP update available at:
The first IP update containing the fix is 7.1i IP update 1.
AR# 21312
Date 12/13/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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