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AR# 21322

LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) - Timing simulation errors: SETUP, HOLD, RECOVERY violations (also applicable to Lite Core)


When I run timing simulation on a SPI-4.2 design, the following timing violations occur:

#** Error: /var/tmp/xil_EAAyPaOfT(79698): $setup( negedge CE &&& (ce_clk_enable == 1):6902 ps, posedge CLK:7093 ps, 392 ps );

# Time: 7093 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /pl4_demo_testbench/pl4_wrapper0/\pl4_v72_dyn_128_pl4_snk_top0/U0/core0/post0/Stage2Data_128\

# ** Error: /var/tmp/xil_EAAyPaOfT(3334): $hold( posedge CLK:6222347 ps, posedge I &&& (in_clk_enable == 1):6222532 ps, 332 ps );

# Time: 6222532 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /pl4_demo_testbench/pl4_wrapper0/\pl4_v72_dyn_128_pl4_snk_top0/U0/clkdomain0/srts/output_ff\

# ** Error: /var/tmp/xil_EAAyPaOfT(3337): $recovery( negedge RST:106519 ps, posedge CLK &&& (rst_clk_enable == 1):106920 ps, 575 ps );

# Time: 106920 ps Iteration: 1 Instance: /pl4_demo_testbench/pl4_wrapper0/\pl4_v72_dyn_128_pl4_snk_top0/U0/core0/queue0/rwr0/state_FFd2_15478\

# Time: 1525824332 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /pl4_demo_testbench/pl4_wrapper0/\pl4_v72_dyn_128_pl4_src_top0/U0/core0/fifo0/PL4_Source_FIFO/reg_xfr_addr_gray/reg_gray_addr2\

# ** Error: /var/tmp/xil_EAAyPaOfT(3334): $hold( posedge CLK:1525829061 ps, posedge I &&& (in_clk_enable == 1):1525829320 ps, 332 ps );


These violations might come from either Sink core or Source core, and they are originated from register elements that are transitioning between two clock domains. These timing violations can be safely ignored.

AR# 21322
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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