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AR# 21387

9.2i ISE - An IP Core created using Project -> New Source is not added to the Project Navigator project if the name of the core is changed in the core customization GUI


Keywords: CORE Generator, CORE, CORE Generator, rename, source, hierarchy, integration, appear, Add to Project, xco

In Project Navigator, I select Project -> New Source -> IP (CORE Generator & Architecture Wizard). The New source wizard allows me to select a name and a core type. When I finish the selection, the core customization GUI for the selected IP comes up with the previously selected name already entered. At this point, if I decide to change the name of the core, I am able to do so and can successfully generate the IP core with the new name. However, the newly created core is not added to the Project Navigator project.


Project Navigator is expecting to add a source file with the original core name and does not know about the name change that occurred in the Core Customization GUI.

Once the newly named core has been generated, select Project -> Add Source; then, select the ".xco" file of the newly created core.

In early revisions of ISE 7.1i, a blank XCO file with the original core name is also created. This file can be safely ignored or deleted.
AR# 21387
Date 04/16/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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