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AR# 21425

7.1i CORE Generator - On Linux 64, an IP Core is successfully generated; however, a pop-up window indicates the status at 33%


Keywords: generating, status, Xilinx,CORE Generator, Generator, COREGen, CORE, OK, successfully generated, IP update, hang, Manage Cores

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
On Linux 64, with CORE Generator opened through the Manage Cores process in Project Navigator, an IP Core might successfully generate, but the status window indicates 33% completion.

The Project Navigator and COREGen console windows both have a message "Successfully generated <core_name>" and the core readme file is opened.

If the status window is behind the readme file, COREGen might appear to have hung.


The IP Core has successfully been generated.

Select Cancel on the "Generating... status window.

If the window remains open (stating "Cancelling, please wait..."), dismiss the window by right-clicking the window header and selecting the Close option.
AR# 21425
Date 12/13/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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