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AR# 21457

8.1i PACE - "ERROR:HDLParsers:3014 Library unit package_file is not available in library work"


Keywords: ISE7.1, package, unit, parsers, ISE 7.1

I created a project in ISE Project Navigator and added a UCF file to perform a pre-synthesis package pin assignment using PACE. When I select the UCF and click "Assign Package Pins" in the Processes for Source window, PACE opens, but then fails and reports the following error message:

"Loading device for application Rf_Device from file '3s1000.nph' in environment%XILINX%.
Compiling vhdl file "%project_directory_path%/top_level.vhd" inLibrary work.
ERROR:HDLParsers:3014 - "%project_directory_path%/top_level.vhd" Line XX. Library unit package_file is not available in library work.
WARNING:HDLParsers:3481 - Library work has no units. Did not save reference file "C:/TEMP/xil_2684_5/hdllib.ref" for it."

How can I solve this problem?


This problem is caused by the HDLParser in PACE, which fails to find the package files located in the project's default work library, or user-defined library.

You can work around this issue, by commenting out the lines in the top level, defining the user library, and referencing the package file.

NOTE: Because you are trying to define the pin assignment for your top level, you should not require the package at this point in the flow.

Use PACE after the Translate stage by expanding the Translate process and running "Assign Package Pins Post-Translate".
AR# 21457
Date 10/23/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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