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AR# 21508

7.1i SmartModels - How do I install the Xilinx SmartModels?


General Description:

How do I install the SmartModels that are included in the 7.1i software?


Unlike the ISE 6.xi method of releasing the SmartModels, in ISE 7.1i the SmartModels have to be extracted first using CompXLib. This was done in order to provide more flexibility in the way in which the SmartModels are delivered.

For more information on how to run CompXLib, please refer to the CompXLib section in the Synthesis and Verification Design Guide at:


The use of SmartModels is unique for each simulator. Refer to the following Answer Records for additional information.

Setting up MTI for use with SmartModels (Xilinx Answer 14019)

Setting up VCS for use with SmartModels (Xilinx Answer 18852)

Setting up NC-VHDL for use with SmartModels (Xilinx Answer 18853)

Setting up NC-Verilog for use with SmartModels (Xilinx Answer 14597)
AR# 21508
Date 08/10/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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